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  • Ulmus in Bonsai Museum Dusseldorf

    Ulmus by Werner Busch

    A very refined bonsai in the Bonsai Museum in Dusseldorf, in the middle of winter. Look at the fine twigging, and the forst crystals on the branches. Exceptional quality!

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  • Forest inspiration


    Growing along the edge of Copper Canyong, this group of oaks is a perfect example of a small tree group.

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  • Larix Landscape

    Walk in the forest

    A nice Larch forest with some figurine in it.

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  • Toringo Crabapple

    Toringo Crabapple

    Toringo Crabapple ‘Malus Seiboldii’ donated to National Bonsai and Penjing Museum US, by Shyuichi Ueda. It has been in training since 1905.

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  • Larch – Before and after

    Larch – Before and after

    During a workshop in Wales, in March 2015, Pavel Slovak put a finishing touch on this larch, owned by Jeremy Wheeler. Over several variations this exploded bush with a big trunk -no pun intended- has become an elegant bonsai. Such a great transformation. Note that This tree went through several alterations over the year, before the final styling that led to this image. First major style & deadwood styling by Bob Hill Widening of the canopy and refining of deadwood […]

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  • Literati by Qingquan Zhao

    Literati by Qingquan Zhao

    This literati by Penjing Master, Qingquan Zhao, is top of its class. Literati are often dramatic, with many twists and bends, defying logic. however, when expressed properly, a good Literati comes across as a balanced, calm image. The slender long cruved trunk reflecting on the struggle the tree has had to survive. Master Qingquan Zhao is one of the best bonsai artist in his area.

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  • Hawthorn Raft

    Hawthorn Raft by Tony Tickle

    Tony Tickle (http://yamadori.co.uk) is well known for his Yamadori collecting sprees and the resulting amazing trees that he is able to find. One of his earliest trees is this Hawthorn raft. The leaves are the size of finger nails, and it gets better every year. This is a truely spectacular tree. In winter it sits outside on his benches:

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  • Repotting Bonsai by Graham Potter

    Repotting Bonsai by Graham Potter

    Graham Potter (Kaizen bonsai) has a great series of bonsai videos. In this one, he shows step by step, how to repot a bonsai tree. In the example he shows how much rootmass you can remoe when you take a potted up plant, and move it into a nursery container.

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  • Bonsai Privet by Harry Harrington

    Privet by Harry Harrington

    This privet Bonsai by Harry Harrington has been in training for 11 years at time of this picture. In this time, he has managed to turn a stumb from a hedgerow into a beautifull piece of art. The tree is complemented by a custom made pot. The pot was made by Victor Harris of Erin Bonsai.

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  • Elm by Paul Spearman in 2011

    Elm raft – Paul Spearman

    Paul bought this elm of Will Baddely in 2011. By January 2015 the basic structure is very clear. A clear example of what a little bit of vision, combined with skills can do. Can you imagine what this tree will look like in another 5 or even 10 years? Before repotting on the slab (Winter 2014) and in leaf (summer 2014):

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