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  • Airlayering – The basics by Graham Potter

    Airlayering – The basics by Graham Potter

    Graham potter is a well-known bonsai artist, amongst others known for his massive online website based in the UK. In this post he explains in simple terms, with very clear footages, the steps to set an airlayer. One of the best tutorials on the process available. A definate guide to airlayering. Air layering is a method to grow roots on a trunk or branch in a place where normally no roots would grow. It can be very usefull if you […]

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  • Refining Larch branch structure – MiKo Bonsai

    Refining Larch branch structure – MiKo Bonsai

    When you grown Larch as bonsai, it quickly becomes clear that these are strong growers. This puts some strain on keeping the tree at bay, and the branches nice and refined. This video shows how Mike cleans up an overgrown Lrach and brings it back to a stage that gives andother 2-3 years of growth. Well-explained why certain cuts are made and a must-see if you are growing Larch for bonsai.

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  • Big branch bending – Seok Ju Kim

    Big branch bending – Seok Ju Kim

    Even very thick branches can be bend, provided proper technique is used. Seok Ju Kim is a Korean bonsai professional that gives workshops and stylingdemonstrations around the world. In the Isabelia workshop in Czech republic this video was shot by Bonsai Focus.

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  • High levels of ramnification shown clearly

    Ramification shows age

    This image of a highly ramified tree in the north-British hills was captured by Tony Tickle, a well-know British bonsai artist. He announced this tree online with the words Ramification… this is a perfect model! And we can only agree. A nice example of how our finely ramnified bonsai do follow nature. And besides that, it is just a beautifull serene image of nature in early winter display. Just a sprinkle of snow is missing. Just one thing left to […]

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  • Hawthorn raft

    Hawthorn raft

    Chris Guise took this picture of a Hawthorn (Crataegus spp) in Basildon Park, Cookham. It is a perfect example for a natural looking raft-style bonsai. It shows the process through which a raft may for in Nature. As thwe tree ages, some section rot, or are broken by wind and/or lightning. As the canopy gets too heavy for the thinner trunk to support, the tree falls over, but continues growing. This may happpen multiple times and a crawling tree forms.

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  • Twisted pines

    Twisted pines

    These twisted pines were photographed on Formentera by Jelle Ferwerda from Growing Bonsai. A perfect exampe on how windblown bonsai and informal uprights can be combined in a natural look. This forest is right at the beach, subject to strong mediteranean winds.

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  • Socota dragon tree in Broom style

    Socota dragon tree in Broom style

    This tree is the perfect example of a broom-style tree in the wild. Dracaena cinnabari, the Socotra dragon tree or dragon blood tree, is a dragon tree native to the Socotra archipelago in the Indian Ocean. It is so called due to the red sap that the trees produce. (Src: Wikipedia).

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  • Baggins Bonsai Home by Chris Guise

    Baggins Bonsai

    This amazing bilbo-baggins house, as inspired by the hobbit and the lord of the rings book series, was created by Chris Guise, a bonsai artist in the UK. He is also the creater and distributor of the Bonsai Nibbler.  

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  • Treehouse by TAKANORI AIBA

    Bonsai treehouse

    Takanori Aiba created this bonsai treehouse. A truely magnificant piece of work, worthy as a first post on this wbsite. We fully recommend visiting his website

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