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  • High levels of ramnification shown clearly

    Ramification shows age

    This image of a highly ramified tree in the north-British hills was captured by Tony Tickle, a well-know British bonsai artist. He announced this tree online with the words Ramification… this is a perfect model! And we can only agree. A nice example of how our finely ramnified bonsai do follow nature. And besides that, it is just a beautifull serene image of nature in early winter display. Just a sprinkle of snow is missing. Just one thing left to […]

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  • Socota dragon tree in Broom style

    Socota dragon tree in Broom style

    This tree is the perfect example of a broom-style tree in the wild. Dracaena cinnabari, the Socotra dragon tree or dragon blood tree, is a dragon tree native to the Socotra archipelago in the Indian Ocean. It is so called due to the red sap that the trees produce. (Src: Wikipedia).

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