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  • Larch – Before and after

    Larch – Before and after

    During a workshop in Wales, in March 2015, Pavel Slovak put a finishing touch on this larch, owned by Jeremy Wheeler. Over several variations this exploded bush with a big trunk -no pun intended- has become an elegant bonsai. Such a great transformation. Note that This tree went through several alterations over the year, before the final styling that led to this image. First major style & deadwood styling by Bob Hill Widening of the canopy and refining of deadwood […]

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  • Elm by Paul Spearman in 2011

    Elm raft – Paul Spearman

    Paul bought this elm of Will Baddely in 2011. By January 2015 the basic structure is very clear. A clear example of what a little bit of vision, combined with skills can do. Can you imagine what this tree will look like in another 5 or even 10 years? Before repotting on the slab (Winter 2014) and in leaf (summer 2014):

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